New Painting




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New Work at Goldrush.

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BLACK ANGELS at the Detroit Bar.

First night back from New York, the Black Angels headlined the Detroit Bar, with opening act Sleepy Sun.  The show was stonerrhiphic, as well as sold out, and even though we were not asked to perform, Shugga Bear made an appearance.

Sleepy Sun is a band that fits well on the stage at Detroit Bar.  Their sound does not overwhelm the audience, and the singer seems very comfortable with a setting of this size.  The only drawback to their performance was the lack of their female singer, who was not in attendance on this night.  Being my first time seeing them, i enjoyed the set and felt they matched their albums recordings well. 


Third time seeing the Black Angels.  As much as i love this band, the Detroit Bar was not their best venue to play.  The sound they produce needs a room larger than this, space to breathe and move the crowd they are putting a spell on.  It was intimate to see them so close up, but i would sacrifice that for a theatre with more capacity, one that allows the viewer to be comfortable with echoing chords and trance-like rhythms.


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Part 1, the day begins.

After a week long of tattooing back in New York, I finally got a day to relax, or so i thought.  I believe in seizing the day, the moment, taking full advantage of the now, and this is exactly what i had planned for my last day of this trip.  Days before, at the Kings Ave opening party, i had run into my old friend and fellow tattoo artist, Yoni Zilber of New York Adorned.  We have always shared a kindred respect for one another, something more spiritual than simply coincidental.  The next morning, we simultaneously texted one another to say hello and good partings.  I immediately asked if he would be willing to tattoo me on this trip, and the wheels were set in motion for a monday meeting of coffee followed by a session.  Here is some background on Mr. Zilber; he is an Israeli American with an accent that makes you curious for more conversation, a permanent fixture  at New York Adorned for the last 10 years, a current apprentice under a Tibetan Thangka master painter.  To find out more on Yoni and to see his personal portfolio, please follow his site at 

After coffee in Brooklyn, we made our way over to Adorned in the city.   Yoni to the right setting up. We decided on a buddhist third eye upon my neck.Here are some of Yoni’s sketches for tattoos decorating the shop walls.

. A Thangka painting done by Yoni

Tattoo 1 is done.  A great morning with an even greater friend.  Now onto the next tattoo of the day…

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part 2…the Perfetto experience of a lifetime.

What seemed like quick words of “maybe we should do this” turned into “lets fucking do this” in a matter of seconds.  Exactly what I am speaking about, you may be wondering, is the hours leading up to Kris and myself going through one of the great moments in each others lives.  Mike Perfetto is a Brooklyn Based Tattoo legend.  The man has been tattooing since 1976, stayed put in the same location for 25 years, a basement unit of a Brooklyn apartment building.  Its a legitimate shop, with legitimate flash, and a clientele more loyal than most tattoo artists will ever experience in this ever changing industry now consisting of collector piece tattoo clients.  One here, one there, we shop all the best tattooers out, wanting a pin-up from joe schmoe, a butterfly skull from jack smack, a pyramid eye from turd ferguson, never staying with one artist for an entire lifetime.  Here are the photos we took along our journey to the place known as “Designs by Michaelangelo inc.”

Lunching up at Habana, Elizabeth Street, Manhattan. On the N track out of Manhattan, we cross the bridge to Brooklyn, overlooking a city on our personal Mystery Train.

This was our exit.  This was our scene we happened upon.We made it…an hour before he opened, and there was already one customer waiting.  We stood in the drizzling rain for over an hour, just to keep our place in line.

First client already started, his name removed, and were next up…

Below is the price breakdown.  Upon every sheet of flash, next to each design, there was a letter indicating its price selection.  We took a photo on my phone and used it as reference, usually shocked at how cheap certain designs would cost…

It’s only legit if it has the red drop shadow…Brooklyn style through and through… and here we are, the moment i had been waiting for…A Perfetto Chief with peace smoke and pipe…. perfect.  Next up, Magnotti and the wicked Tony Polito Panther head…

Much Gratitude to Mr. Perfetto for welcoming us into

his studio, allowing us to photograph him, his work, and for sharing his words with our green ears…

Thats a wrap from Bensonhurst Brooklyn.  If one got a wild hair up their ass, first-be thankful, second-show up early, third-pick a piece of history off the wall and let the man known as Michaelangelo do his magic…hours 4PM-whenever…

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part 3 of our tattoo excursion

waiting for the train back to Flyrite, from Bensonhurst.

Miss Inoue to the right.

Mr. Magnotti and his Grez backpiece.

under the needle for the third time in one day…Kris goes for his second tattoo of the day.

hot stuff vs. hot stuff.We braved each others company for a week straight and came out stronger.  The three of us shared conversations, smirks, snarls, paths, pinball quarters, and inspiration to make for a good nights sleep after every encounter and banter.  Kris-Marina-Jone-hehehe-s.

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Roseland NYC CONVENTION may 13th-15th

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