part 2…the Perfetto experience of a lifetime.

What seemed like quick words of “maybe we should do this” turned into “lets fucking do this” in a matter of seconds.  Exactly what I am speaking about, you may be wondering, is the hours leading up to Kris and myself going through one of the great moments in each others lives.  Mike Perfetto is a Brooklyn Based Tattoo legend.  The man has been tattooing since 1976, stayed put in the same location for 25 years, a basement unit of a Brooklyn apartment building.  Its a legitimate shop, with legitimate flash, and a clientele more loyal than most tattoo artists will ever experience in this ever changing industry now consisting of collector piece tattoo clients.  One here, one there, we shop all the best tattooers out, wanting a pin-up from joe schmoe, a butterfly skull from jack smack, a pyramid eye from turd ferguson, never staying with one artist for an entire lifetime.  Here are the photos we took along our journey to the place known as “Designs by Michaelangelo inc.”

Lunching up at Habana, Elizabeth Street, Manhattan. On the N track out of Manhattan, we cross the bridge to Brooklyn, overlooking a city on our personal Mystery Train.

This was our exit.  This was our scene we happened upon.We made it…an hour before he opened, and there was already one customer waiting.  We stood in the drizzling rain for over an hour, just to keep our place in line.

First client already started, his name removed, and were next up…

Below is the price breakdown.  Upon every sheet of flash, next to each design, there was a letter indicating its price selection.  We took a photo on my phone and used it as reference, usually shocked at how cheap certain designs would cost…

It’s only legit if it has the red drop shadow…Brooklyn style through and through… and here we are, the moment i had been waiting for…A Perfetto Chief with peace smoke and pipe…. perfect.  Next up, Magnotti and the wicked Tony Polito Panther head…

Much Gratitude to Mr. Perfetto for welcoming us into

his studio, allowing us to photograph him, his work, and for sharing his words with our green ears…

Thats a wrap from Bensonhurst Brooklyn.  If one got a wild hair up their ass, first-be thankful, second-show up early, third-pick a piece of history off the wall and let the man known as Michaelangelo do his magic…hours 4PM-whenever…

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