Part 1, the day begins.

After a week long of tattooing back in New York, I finally got a day to relax, or so i thought.  I believe in seizing the day, the moment, taking full advantage of the now, and this is exactly what i had planned for my last day of this trip.  Days before, at the Kings Ave opening party, i had run into my old friend and fellow tattoo artist, Yoni Zilber of New York Adorned.  We have always shared a kindred respect for one another, something more spiritual than simply coincidental.  The next morning, we simultaneously texted one another to say hello and good partings.  I immediately asked if he would be willing to tattoo me on this trip, and the wheels were set in motion for a monday meeting of coffee followed by a session.  Here is some background on Mr. Zilber; he is an Israeli American with an accent that makes you curious for more conversation, a permanent fixture  at New York Adorned for the last 10 years, a current apprentice under a Tibetan Thangka master painter.  To find out more on Yoni and to see his personal portfolio, please follow his site at 

After coffee in Brooklyn, we made our way over to Adorned in the city.   Yoni to the right setting up. We decided on a buddhist third eye upon my neck.Here are some of Yoni’s sketches for tattoos decorating the shop walls.

. A Thangka painting done by Yoni

Tattoo 1 is done.  A great morning with an even greater friend.  Now onto the next tattoo of the day…

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