new york new york

I’ve spent over three years away from a place once called home, Brooklyn/Long Island/Manhattan.  From my birthday 2004 in which i turned 26, till October 2007 at the age of 29, i made the best and worst of times on the east coast.   I ended my marriage, stepped out alone into unfamiliar territory, became a part of an already exhilarating tattoo scene, and found a voice that seemed to finally sound like my own. Within a short time, Love came knocking and I was opening the door to that woman.  I think only divorcees can understand the shell that forms as a result of disapointment and dreams gone sour.  When that next woman came into my life, we were both scarred by history, both riddled with fear and unconscious motives to keep each other at a distance.  We struggled and loved through a year or so of being together, and in the end, i blamed New York for all my passive aggressive anger.  I planned my escape, watching her stand by me, saying she was supportive, and me saying so long and don’t wait up, turn the lights down low, this rambling man don’t look back.

Regret is a silly emotion that don’t seem so silly when you allow it to be a daily mantra, a reason for being the way you are.  Years have passed since that time, and if you know me well, you know me to speak of this woman and how she once and still holds a part of my heart that i don’t share anymore.  Buddhism, Dharma, the path has found me, and now i speak of these times only out of reference to why it took me so long to return to New York.  The present state of being, the mind being free of entrapment, the willingness to breathe and release, to renew your thoughts, and to rest on each waking second, allowed me to find such a wonderful experience this go around.  I want to thank the hospitality of Kris Magnotti, Davinci Tattoo, Marina Inoue, and the friends and customers who were there to greet me with love, kindness, and support along the road… here are some photos to recapture these days… LOVE AS A REMINDER OF OUR FRIENDSHIP. E.C.J.

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