in the true nature of beasts, we seek refuge in the wild. we collapse our spirits upon rocks, hoping to break free what is so tightly kept inside our minds. crazed men, women, shaman, magicians, afraid, to cast our spells into this world in fear of our own failure. hence, the tragedy continues, down paths already deemed dead ends, charted by lost ships in a sea of confusion and misunderstanding. never to return from the conformity known as the standard, in which we all contribute our two cents. our voices go unheard, unspoken, with only the exception of the echo inside our cranium, screams and shouts for a stage all their own. in this here hour of darkness, light is but a fragment of our imagination, shining itself upon us like the flicker of lightning in the night. the light bulb turns on, and turns off again, a light switch playing with our emotions, playing with our very essence of who we are and who we can be. and as if we were standing in an open field all alone, a bolt hits us, jolts us into our very being, a chain reaction is caused and welcomed. fire erupts and the flames become the change stretched out like fingers touching whatever may be in sight, in reach, stirring the sleeping beast within us. the wild is awoken, the call is answered. the cast of silence is broken, and with a voice, the dance finds feet to announce the awakening that has taken place. the infinite is channeled. the hopi with all his magic and the moon with all her spells and the wind stirring the standing hair upon our naked flesh, and the current taking us to seas unseen. with all this, we shall view the impossible and crash on shores of deliverance. celebration is savored for our death beds, for now is the time of living, and with this token, we buy the ride and endure the suffering. swallow thy pride before the fall is too far to recover from. turn out the lights before we bed down in the dirt of creation, reincarnate of things since past, and things yet to come. this light we have found in ourselves, is meant to be found by the individual alone.

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One Response to unspoken

  1. JENNY says:

    like this…was a nice thing to read for the day i was born!

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