first encounters

welcome to this new venture.  something i have needed to do for some time, but willingly let time lapse in denial of such a need. i hope to use this forum for good use, with good intentions, to provide thoughts, works, possibilities, and in moments such as these, outbreaks of insights and ramblings of a man rambling through life suffering from a scrambling mind. tonight for instance, i have found myself reading Edward Abbey’s novel Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness. excuse my use of improper punctuation and grammar, i tend not to worry on such things as capitals, spacing, and other tedious yet well intended marks of the English language. spelling i do enjoy. side note for all who care, a dictionary is a great asset to anyone wanting to delve deeper into understanding the romance of verbal communication.  the Buddha, the Christ, the great thinkers of the world, who acted with their hearts rather than their minds, all on our sides, willing to provide example of works and actions transcending time, moving through the ages, allowing the softness of humanity to be their cornerstone of achievement.  We all search for answers to grey questions, the life long doubts and confidence issues, what is truth and who am I, in the midst of the now.  There will be men who speak loudly of truth, and there will be men who sit silently listening, or rather, respectfully. the acknowledgment of such a “great truth” makes men yearn for the wisdom and understanding of elders before them, and as with time, they pass through the gates and sit with the elders in the great void. sand slips through the hourglass, turns itself over, like the wheel of life, never ceasing, always moving in conjuction with the obligation of continuance.  Ryan Adams sings “So, I am in the twilight of my youth, not that I’m going to remember…”.  Here is to us, willing to persevere even when it seems mundane, willing to take strides in the face of a great barrier, willing to be human and say fuck it when nothing else makes sense.  the moment is our ally, the mind is our tool, the heart is our voice, and the action is our participation in this life we all share with one another. thank you for joining me and listening, do as others before us have done, and be of willing nature; to learn, to accept, to achieve, and to forgive, first yourself, and then to others.

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